Hi! Hey. My names Taylor.

It's Nice of You to Stop By.

This is me. I like a bunch of stuff- Like my husband, Nathan, my family, friends, photography, dogs, people, volleyball, basketball, traveling, camping, board games, and mental health advocating… I could keep going…

But the important thing here is Nora, AKA Nora Jean Bean, and she’s pretty much the star of this show. She’s a 6 year old golden retriever, and she’s had more pictures taken of her than I’d like to admit. She enjoys long walks, car rides, hates running, likes fetching, and the more cuddles the better. I mean she’s adorable and I love her. 

Why Do What I Do?

Because this is Nora five years ago. Look at how young she looks?! I'm so glad I have this photo to remember all the good times we had my last year of college.

Photos are the storybooks of our lives, and I absolutely love looking back and being able to remember that time I spent with her.

I know that you have people (and/or a pup) that you love just as much. It's so important to capture that.

Come capture some moments, and share your story. Because I guarantee, it's a story worth sharing.

Beautiful. No matter what angle.