Pricing Made Easy.

Pricing is simple and easy so we can get that out of the way and start having fun with the photoshoot. Once you pick the package you’d like, head to the contact page, and send me a message through the “Holler at Me” section. We’ll discuss exactly what you’d like, pick a location and date, make a plan, and then I’ll email you the proposal all in one easy email. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Wear?

Ultimately, you can wear whatever you’d like! However, I’ve found that solid colors usually look best.

What Should I Bring?

Please please please bring your pups favorite toys or treats! I bring some as well, but I’ve found that each dog has their favorite toy that helps them focus best. 

Where Should I Have the Photoshoot?

That’s a great question. There’s a couple things you should consider when picking the location, especially if this is dog related. 

1. Safety for you and your pup is the most important! If you’d like off-leash pictures, make sure you pick a place that allows this. Off leash dog parks like Walnut Creek Metro Park are best.

2. We want something that best fits you. After all, this whole thing is about you! If you’re having trouble thinking of a place, no worries. We can discuss all of this together to find your best spot.

Can We Do Water Pictures?

I am NOT one to shy away from water pictures- they’re SO much fun, and I want to capture anything and everything you have in mind. 

That being said, Austin has had multiple algae scares, and many water locations are unsafe for dogs to swim. If you’d like water pictures, please do the research to ensure your pup is safe, and know the risks. Like I said before, safety for you and your pup is the most important.

Can I Bring Props?

Props are the absolute best, and I would love for you to bring anything you’d like! Just try to give me a heads up so we can plan accordingly.

Do You Travel?

I sure do. Anywhere within 20 miles of 78728 is free, and just .40 cents per mile after that.